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Gorging at the trough of freedom, a.k.a, leaving Hanoi
August 25, 2006, 7:23 pm
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So I’ve been living in Hanoi, Vietnam for almost two years now. After graduating with a journalism degree from a Canadian university I decided kicking around Asia, teaching English (barf) and editing would do me some good.
I got a job early on as a sub-editor for the Viet Nam News… the daily English-language paper. Day in, day out I pounded the keyboard writing sentences like ‘Leaders enhance strategic ties with Iran, boost relations with Zimbabwe and laud comprehensive co-operation with Myanmar.’ I wrote reports rejecting claims of ethnic minority persecution and the trampling of religious freedoms, stories even my editors handed me with a roll of the eyes.
A Communist rag with little information and LOTS of errors, I was told to focus instead on modernising and upgrading the monthly ‘culture’ magazine Outlook. A classic throw back to the bold yet nauseating design theories of the 80’s, I fought for close to 20 months to improve things, with little to no success.

Well, there’s a reason the Vietnamese Communists win wars. They are determined, hard-headed people who desire blind obediance and endless loyalty. I’m hoping the two years I spent grinding out modern-day propaganda will have prepared me for my next job, assistant editor of AsiaNews magazine in Bangkok…

Seven more days Hanoi, then you and I are through.


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Hanoi is very sad you are leaving but it wishes you the best in Bangkok, and it knows it will see you again soon. Once you’ve had some time to remember all the little things you love about it. The Party, on the other hand, is thrilled you’re going. Don’t let the door hit you on your freedom loving ass on the way out…

Comment by Scott

Funny and nice pics from Vietnam and Sweden

Comment by Phuong in Sweden

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