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Jail break
August 29, 2006, 2:00 pm
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I went to a tailor on Nha Tho Street the other day to have an outfit made for my new job. The whole experience was baffling… too many pictures of shirts to look through and too many fabrics to choose from. My autopilot suddenly kicked in and all of a sudden I found myself selecting designs and fabrics that were clearly ugly or unsuitable, just to get out of the store faster.
And then the bad stuff happened. Not bad exactly, but definitely awkward… The young girl who was working approached me with the tape measure and string, all the while yapping away in Vietnamese, and proceded to fondle me in ways I haven’t experienced in ages. WOW!
If anyone wants the address, I’ll pass it along.

On a serious note, Vietnam is releasing Pham Hong Son from jail in the next two or three days. He is a lawyer and doctor who was jailed in 2002 for translating an article called “What is Democracy” into Vietnamese and posting it online. I had to write up the news report Monday night… the official lie is that he was spying and thus breaching national security. He will remain under police surveillence for the next three years, so don’t expect any interviews.
Vietnam is also releasing a prominent Protestant H’Mong minister who was sentenced to 10 years in 2004. I think this must be the only good that will come of the WTO… countries that aren’t members have to *somewhat* clean up their act before they can join. Then again, LOOK AT CHINA!!!

Congrats to the 6 foreign citizens released under president Triet’s National Day amnesty; here’s some advice: get out now and don’t look back!


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