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September 4, 2006, 6:26 am
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Prostitutes, prostitutes, prostitutes and more prostitutes. Can anyone guess what I encountered on my first weekend in Bangkok? No? It was prostitutes.
Sin City, as Bangkok is sometimes called, is full to the brim with dirty old men looking for, and finding, young Thai girls.
Now I’m not judging. I support women’s right to strip, sell their bodies, and do their thing, whatever it may be. I don’t judge the young Thais’ a right to earn a living, no matter how they do so. Still, the dirty old men really bug me. Is it hypocritical for me to support the women selling their bodies, but not the men buying them? Maybe it is, but that’s just the way I feel.
On an interesting note, I do love the open sexuality of this city. I am just as likely to be pulled into a girlie bar as a male visitor, and there just aren’t the social issues surrounding gender and sexuality. Here, you are free to be whoever you are — be that gay or transgender — and no one even cares. How refreshing!!

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Why does nobody talk negatively to the Red light District of Amsterdam or even many many places in London?.
No demand = No supply.

Comment by baerchen

Because Bangkok is Mecca to sex tourists, only those on their knees aren’t praying…

Comment by somelikeitscott

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