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Thai jai-dee
September 16, 2006, 7:52 am
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nitnoi — small (as in, I only speak a small amount of Thai)
khob khun khah — thank you
sawadee khah — hello, goodbye, what up
sabadee khah — how YOU doin’?
phad thai — mmmm… Thai noodles
prik — chillis
mai prik — no chillis, can’t you see i’m white and i can’t handle them??
nya — the sentence I am speaking has just finished
prah — monk, don’t touch
waht — temple, take your damn shoes off
jai-yen — calm, cool and collected (often used to describe my demeanor)
jai-dee — good hearted (only occasionally used in reference to me)
thom — masculine woman (note: beat up whoever calls you ‘thom’)
aroi maak — very delicious
yaba — crazy

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hey, Rob says there’s a coup developing in Bangkok today, with roving tanks. Here in Ajax, we have partly cloudy skies and political apathy. Hope you are avoiding the tanks. xo

Comment by Nora

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