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Coup coup crazy
September 20, 2006, 2:15 am
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Ahhh Thailand, you had a good run. You went 15 years without a coup until last night.

I got a text message from my colleague at the magazine at around 11:45pm that said simply: “There has been a coup in Thailand.”

Oh shit! I’m from Canada, what do I know about coups and their aftermath? What was I supposed to do?

So I wrote back and asked what it meant for us. He replied by saying that he was at the office filing a story and that there were troops guarding the building.

There still are.

See, I’m a new employee here. Not only do I not speak Thai, but I don’t yet have a Nation employee tag yet. The soldiers at the perimetre were hestitant to let me in until an English speaking reporter vouched for me.

The soldiers aren’t unfriendly, and I get the impression most don’t know exactly what’s going on themselves.

And even worse, urban Thais seem happy and excited about the goings-on. I’ve even heard a comment that the coup was a boon for Thailand politically, and would lead to greater democracy. An interesting theory, but unlikely.

Thaksin is in NYC, and his wife and possibly son escaped to Singapore. As for his daughters, we haven’t heard. I am praying the men and women detained last night when the army overran the Government House are okay.

All hail General Sonthi, new supreme overlord of Thailand.

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Could your timing be better (or worse depending on one’s perspective)? What will this mean for press freedoms? What will the King have to say?

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