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October 3, 2006, 1:23 pm
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Bangkok has basically returned to normal, even if things barely changed in the first place. The soldiers outside my building are all but gone — only one or two remain and they can’t be older than 15 or 16.

I still haven’t seen any elephants either. Maybe the mahouts are pro-Thaksin and are staying off the streets in protest. Or maybe the junta is cracking down on massive piles of elephant shit on the sidewalk. If that’s the case, they have my support.

I was in Hanoi on the weekend to visit Scott and the animals and the Vietnamese were getting ready to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. It seems to be the only “real” holiday in the country… kids get colourful masks and lanterns and tons of electric toys. There are also mooncakes — round mince meat and dried fruit cake thingies — involved. Not my bag. I say it’s the only real holiday because all the other ones involve dusting off graves, cleaning the house, cooking piles of food and respecting elders. SNORE.

So, to all you Confucians and those influenced by the Chinese, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

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On the subject of the Mid-Autumn Festival, there was quite the hullabaloo outside my house last night. There were drums, fire, dancers wearing big paper mache dragon’s heads and scads of thrilled kids. It was very cool.

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