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Kentucky Fried Communism
November 1, 2006, 9:08 am
Filed under: capitalism/socialism, consumerism, expat, freedom, Hanoi, politics, vietnam

The news in Hanoi has gone from bad to worse.
The place we all escape to in order to detox ourselves of fast food, Starbucks coffee and 7/11 slurpees is building a 2ND KFC outlet, this one in the much more central location of Ba Trieu, or steps away from the Vincom Tower mall.
While exiting the nearby Asahi Shushi restaurant Scott and I witnessed the raising of the signboard. A dubious moment in Hanoi history.

Do the Vietnamese really need a fried trans fat outlet, or does KFC Co. really need a piece of the lucrative and as of yet uneducated Asian market?
Yeah, there’s not much talk about the dangers of trans fats here. A GREAT place for a artery-clogging grease factory.

Like cigarette companies who came before them, fast food outlets, strip malls, social isolation, home invasions and perhaps eventually sidewalk crack dealers are on the horizon for an increasingly rich Vietnam.
Mo’ money mo’ problems, everyone knows that.
Quite an irony for a supposedly socialist country.


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