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Hanoi hookers
November 3, 2006, 4:50 am
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I get a lot of people coming to this site by searching the terms “prostitutes in Hanoi” or “prostitutes in Bangkok”. I have no problems with this, though I do feel bad that I don’t provide that kind of information. In order to reach out to those on a search, and to feel useful, here’s what I got for ya:

As for where to get pros in Bangkok, I’m sure there are far better sites than this. Better yet, just walk down the street or tell your cabbie you wanna go to Soi Cowboy or PhatPong.

Hanoi is another issue. Prostitution is alive and well, though much better hidden than in Thailand. Good bets are karaoke bars (behind the train station is a gold mine I’ve heard), dark corners of busy streets (usually women or their pimps on motorcycles) and bars like New Century. I don’t know what they cost or what they’re like, but there you go.

Not For Sale


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And don’t forget about the Fortuna Hotel – which incidentally is partly owned by THE Party here in VN. The basement is FULL of ladies of the evening…so I’m told…

Comment by somelikeitscott

Come on! Are you people totally heartless? Do you know anything about Vietnam’s history as to understand what girls who sell their bodies to westerners have to go through? They fought for their independence, now they have to fuck for bread, and how do you think their neighbors/relatives look at them?

Comment by Esmeralda

Get a helmet.
Women have been selling sex since time began. Like it or not, it’s one of our ‘tools’. In some cases it’s the only tool women have for getting ahead or feeding a family.
As for Vietnamese women, it’s their bodies, it’s their right. Don’t give me some war-torn country bullshit — most pros today weren’t even a twinkle in their parents eye when the American war ended.

Comment by letsgoeverywhere

Heartless..? No.. That´s why I prefer asian ladies. They have a much more bigger heart then western ladies. Giving them money when we have a good time together doesn´t feel wrong to me, why should it? It´s no sin and in 95 percent of the ladies can choose who she has sex with, which in western countries they can´t. So don´t give us that bullshit about heartless, you don´t know what you are talking about. And for the record they are much better then white trash chicks, in every singel thing they do!

Comment by Kallebaa

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