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President Bush in a pretty silk dress
November 20, 2006, 10:37 am
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What you’ve all been waiting for… United States President George W Bush in a silk ao dai.

 Picture pops! Re-jiggered and in proportion.

Bush in ao dai

Howdy to Ao Dai

“The colourful, elongated tunics of Vietnam’s traditional dress, the
Ao Dai, are worn with much grace by Vietnamese women and men – and
extreme unease by the US president George Bush. Donning the costume
over his suit for the obligatory “family photograph” alongside 20
other leaders of Asian and Pacific nations, Mr Bush grimaced
repeatedly and shifted from foot to foot, a portrait of embarrassment
in turquoise blue brocade with yellow trim. It was obvious he couldn’t
wait to get it off and sure enough, moments after the official
photographs were taken, he strode away, ripped it off and folded it
up, according to reports. His fellow leaders showed more restraint and
waited until they were out of sight.”

The Guardian


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Sorry for the slightly squished photo. Damn AFP photo download went wonky.

Comment by letsgoeverywhere

Genius. Beat the USA at a war. Let them simmer for 30 years. Pretend to be their friends again and then trick their president into wearing a dress in front of an audience of millions.

Better still, warble on for ages in true Commie-address style so he has to stand there in daft powder blue. Which, as we can see, is not a slimming colour.

Vietnam. I salute and love you.

Comment by omih

Vietnam. I salute and love you.

Comment by bestchildrensbooks1

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