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Helmets: Not Just For Common Folks Anymore
November 24, 2006, 6:19 am
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A message to ‘Brangelina’:

Whilst in Vietnam, please refrain from riding your fancy-boy Nouvo scooter without a helmet. Sure, no one else is, but that doesn’t mean you have to be wreckless and stupid. Not to mention, wise or not, you are role models. Do to the Viets a favour and slap on a rice-cooker.




Hollywood movie stars Brad Pitt (C) and his partner Angelina Jolie ride on a motorcycle on a busy street in downtown Ho Chi Minh city, 23 November 2006. The two are on a discrete stay in the Vietnamese Southern economic hub after a surprise visit to Cambodia where Angelina Jolie pledged to set up a new conservation project. Jolie and Pitt flew to Southeast Asian countries for the filming of “A Mighty Heart” in Mumbai, India. AFP PHOTO

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Personally I think its just nice to see a couple of American A listers who can come to a place like Vietnam without security and without the usual ill-believed crap that they will be a terrorist target. Remember Die Hard Bruce Willis being too scared to fly to England?

They never said they wanted to be role models. Good on em. They look very cool.

At least they are being good role models for Americans if not Vietnamese.

Comment by omih

My sea-foam green Minsk is cool, not these folk.

Comment by letsgoeverywhere

Any form of transport that has an expat club is not cool.

Comment by omih

I must say you’ve got me there.

Comment by letsgoeverywhere

I was there when they arrived. Streets were closed near their hotel because people had come for a look.

I remember that they never came out of their rooms again because of the staring that Vietnamese do. Angelina has said some pretty controversial things about Vietnam since and they have never returned.

Comment by Phil

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