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Pedesterians of Hanoi beware
August 22, 2007, 10:15 am
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A warning for the residents of Hanoi: I’ve rented a motorbike and I’m driving erratically on your roads!

The first time I drove a motorbike (an 100cc Honda Wave to be exact), I spun off in some sand and crashed into nothing. In the accident I basically ripped off my right kneecap and part of my right elbow, while banging up Scott pretty good too. That was on Phuc Quoc Island about two years ago.

The second time I drove I stayed in 1st gear and did laps at around 10km around the small island of Truc Bach. Though I didn’t crash, I drove at midnight so I wouldn’t have to pass any other bikes or embarass myself in front of the neighbours.

Today, however, I rented my own motorbike to get around in the city. A really close friend from university is coming to visit and I’m hoping to practice enough that I’m competent by the time he gets here. Start praying now Andy!!

The bike is a Honda RS Wave. What that means, I don’t know. All I know is that it’s shiny and red and is lots of fun on empty streets! Today I drove around the neighbourhood, and even ventured out around the larger lake of Truc Bach. No crashes yet. *fingers crossed* Of course, the fastest I accelerated to was a cool 20-22km, and I still haven’t managed to cross over into 3rd gear. All in good time!

Here are some pics, though my bike is red, not yellow. Too bad.

Honda RS Wave

Honda RS Wave 2

Ps. To the thieves that stole Scott and I’s last Honda scooter: Go fuck yourself. This new one has three locks, one of which I’m told actually works.