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Wrong Love
November 3, 2006, 7:59 am
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cat hug

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I feel dirty about that last post so I thought I’d put up a picture or two of my animals. Both were born and raised in Hanoi and both are two years old. They both went on an airplane to Canada last year!

Kien, Mr. Black & White Cat and Phuong, Miz. Tan Chihuahua.

They have wrong love. There is much humping (on the part of the dog, female) and licking and cleaning (on the part of the cat, male), in addition to ferocious play fighting.
Kien the kitty is neutered, but Phuong isn’t fixed, yet.

The picture below was taken not long after Kien decided to jump off a fifth-floor roof in chase of a female cat, an event which hastened his eventual catrastion.
That night he fell five stories in the rain and then immediately got into a fight with the kitten next door, who promptly whooped his ass. Poor kitty.

Furtive looks