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I survived cholera epidemic 2007

I feel on top of the world these days, and it’s not just because I’m leaving Vietnam in less than a month. No, it’s the fact that I managed to avoid contracting cholera despite the widespread epidemic that plagued Hanoi.

Yes, cholera. The medieval explosive diarrhea disease. Only a few news agencies were brave enough to tackle the issue, and lord knows the state media took its sweet time in even admitting there was a problem.

Reuters Article vs state media

Either way, I’m glad I avoided it (so far). I took great pains to stay as far away from dog meat, rancid shrimp paste, pork log and market veggies as I could.

I am, however, deeply saddened to have to routinely bypass my favourite ‘mien ngan’ stand on Han Thuyen Street because the woman refuses to wear plastic gloves. I mean really, they’re free!

Cholera bacterium 2